Vertigo Healthcare

Bringing quality innovations to the market as to supersede industry standards.

About Us

Welcome to Vertigo Healthcare, a dynamic and innovative healthcare company proudly founded in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Our journey is steered by a visionary and experienced young entrepreneur who possesses an exceptiona​l background in the healthcare industry, marked by profound insights and unparalleled relationships.

"Vertigo Healthcare envisions being the foremost global authority in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution, setting unparalleled standards for excellence and innovation."

 What sets Vertigo Healthcare apart is our robust marketing arm, fortified by a profound understanding of the South African medical industry. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the market dynamics, enabling us to navigate the intricate landscape with agility. This insight allows us to identify and capitalize on emerging trends, ensuring that our portfolio of products remains at the forefront of the healthcare market.

From our CEO
 - ​Niresh Ramsamujh

Niresh is an experienced marketing and sales professional, mostly gained in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.
He is an Accredited Healthcare Professional in Asthma and Allergy (AAA).
He has successfully built and led strong teams and has extensive knowledge and
functional expertise across the sales value chain.
He is a result-oriented leader with key skills in implementing change, developing people and
organizations and working across diverse cultures.